Are You a Real Estate Investor Interested in Investing in Portugal?
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Are You a Real Estate Investor Interested in Investing in Portugal?

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Posted Date : Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Updated On : Sunday, October 24, 2021
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About this AD : If the remainder of the2019 is as promising as January's record for Portugal golden visa property sales, then the country of Portugal could stand to see its annual property record for both domestic and foreign investments exceed by around twenty-four percent year on year. This is a very encouraging sign for Portugal's property market, which has seen a recent spate of investment in both commercial and residential property in preparation for the coming boom. With the ease of the application process and strict requirements for Portuguese citizenship, it will be little surprise if this year's figures surpass those set in last year's record-breaking year, which saw over six thousand units sold. The Lisbon region saw over seven hundred thousand people visit the area during the last year alone. Many first time investors are wary of investing in Portugal as they do not yet know if the government would continue to allow such liberalization, or if they will have to adapt their laws more rigidly. Over the past decade, Portugal has been one of the most welcoming to foreign investors, especially those from Europe and America. In 2021, the Lisbon government introduced a welcomed diversity of residence requirements to attract skilled workers. This has meant that many European investors are finding Portugal a more attractive option to invest in than other countries. For instance, foreigners who are willing to invest ten thousand Euros or more in residential property have no problems obtaining a Portugal golden visa. However, while Portugal has an extremely welcoming stance to foreigners, there are some areas in which the country may need to make changes to attract more investment. While most properties are classified as residential, many of them are rented out to tenants, with very little investment in the property itself. These areas include the Lisbon regions, as well as parts of the north and northeast of Portugal. In order to attract more investment-oriented citizens to these regions, the Lisbon region government has issued a number of Portugal golden visa consultants to help potential investors. The first thing investors need to do in order to prepare for Portugal golden visa Portugal is to start preparing their application as soon as possible. This includes writing up all of the necessary documents, including a letter that describes why you wish to live and work in Portugal, as well as a residence application form. If you are not a citizen of Portugal, you must also provide evidence that you are a member of your family. One example of proof of residence is a copy of a birth certificate, or proof of identity, like a utility bill or bank statement. You must also prepare the necessary financial documents, including bank statements, and a rental agreement, if you plan to rent your property. Many foreigners purchase a property in Portugal in order to either rent it out to someone else, or to use it as an investment. Many investors have problems in this area because they do not meet the residency requirement to buy real estate in Portugal. However, Portugal does allow citizens of foreign countries to buy the property if it was purchased before 2021 and held for at least three years. In addition to having to satisfy residency requirements, investors must also be able to prove their ability to receive income from real estate investment. To do so, investors may be required to submit a visa application for workers or family members already in Portugal. Additionally, Portugal requires investors to purchase properties within 90 days of purchasing the property. If an investor purchases a property that is not covered by one of these regulations, he or she could face fines or penalties. There are a number of new updates that have been released recently regarding Portugal's investment visa requirements. These new updates include a new visa type that enables foreign investors with low population only, to apply for the visa. In addition, there is a new update that allows non-Spanish speakers who are interested in investing in property in Portugal to apply if their first language is Portuguese. These and other updates can help investors who are interested in purchasing property in Portugal to take advantage of this opportunity.
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